The real post--A-bomb Hiroshima, a 1st person acct 60 yrs late

After the physicality of an event in time all else is interpretation. And, journalists are not necessarily any better than any other human at defining boundaries. How different would our understanding of Vietnam if we'd had only embedded reporting upon which to rely. It's 60 years later til we can read 1st hand accts, and only recently has other scholarship begun to re-define the textbook account of what happened. A slightly shorter summary of the matter can be found in the Japan Times "Pair want reporter's Pulitzer for '45 story on A-bomb revoked". Good luck @ finding the finally released text. I can find selections of it in Google Cache. George Weller's "A Nagasaki Report": Parts 1, 2, 3, 4,


The clarity of simple thinking!

I love reading/hearing/seeing Alan Kay!

Today, science (a concern with what is real) is mixed with mathematics (a concern with what is true) is mixed with engineering (a concern with how something can be made). Each worker in each of these fields also partly works in the other two. Each field has a different temperament associated with it: mathematicians tend to be idealists, scientists realists, and engineers pragmatists. And each finds themselves temporarily adopting a borrowed temperament when they use the other areas to aid advances in the one they most love.
So saith the man in the foreword to Mark Guzdial's Squeak: Object-Oriented Design With Multimedia Applications, (Prentice-Hall, 2001).

"Do what you love, forget the money"