the strangest thing....

Exquisite photos and maps are what thrill me. It use to be folk music but I guess age does something... I never was into the great outdoors but as fate would have it, the child is crazy about animals. So now I find myself -- when not fighting with said soon-to-be-nine child -- seeking out interesting animalia. Life is twisted.


If Suess Returned as Dylan

Dylan Hears a Who CD tray card This find courtesy of Music For Maniacs whose blog-ish description says its "dedicated to extremes in music, 'Outsider' recordings and utterly unique sounds". Quite the earful...as well as a complete *FREE* download in Dylan Hears A Who! Other recent delights sighted there include Elvis re-done in Latin and an Arabic-flavored Shaft theme.

20070321: N.B. someone must have gotten a cease-and-desist order.

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The prospect of education can feel more promising...

...despite my complaints -- sometimes, in light of the Internet age. My childhood had none of the immediacy of events like a total lunar eclipse such as this; as seen from the UK 20070303:

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Strangeness I hadn't considered

Admittedly, I am an oddball since I was Googling for D.I.Y. hand sanitizer recipes since we have a constant need to minimize cross-contamination between child, hermit crab(s), and hamsters) but others find tastier bits than I:
  • reasons to avoid coffee pots in hotel rooms (makes me glad I don't travel or drink coffee)
  • just how drunk can one get off liquid hand wash (again, glad that I'm more of a stone-cold soda drinker & prefer a nice orange soda over anything alcoholic, any day!)
  • Microwavable Grape Plasma
  • On the hand, I did find compelling:
  • forensic tracking codes on laser printouts
  • pipe clamps as a means to kitchen hooks