Brain-wigglies when it comes to animals and technology

  • African Elephants text msg more than humans in the US. Who knew? I do not make us these stories up; they just find me! BTW, only 25 percent of Americans use SMS.
  • ...And the Quack-Project lets you learn the the obvious but initially odd fact that animals sound differently across languages. The mere idea is enough to cause you to stop and think; after you get over the initial brain freeze, go forth and buy this fascinating CD and hear just how ducks, horses, pigs, cows, frogs and cockerels are different by languages. Demo for Mac OS X and Windows available for download!
  • Do Duck Dialects Mimick Human Dialects? Not really, but the cockney quack is like a shout and a laugh, whereas the Cornish ducks sound more like they are giggling... Brought to you by the same force behind the Quack-Project Victoria de Rijke, who was originally a primary school teacher.

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