Can One Be Smart Enough about Blogging?

Another unintended consequence of techne too intertwined in our lives? Or, another to file under eth-tech @ del.icio.us. From TVC Alert Research News, 7 September 2005:
(2 Sep) In this follow-up column, Ivan Tribble offers cautious advice to bloggers, who are also seeking new employment, especially in an academic environment. He continues to argue that it's especially important for bloggers to 'be careful [about] what you say.' SEE: Bloggers Need Not Apply Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 July 2005 (Tribble's original article) RELATED: Why I Blog Under My Own Name (A University of Maryland professor's response to Tribble's original article)
Also, see other interesting leads @ TVC Alert on Microsoft suing the European Commission & the on-going debate with regard to copyright and the Google library program.

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