A Clue as to How I Was Forged...Mentally, That Is

Dateline 12.2006:
U Memphis Campus School has been named as one of the top schools in Tennessee
Almost all of its students - 99 percent - scored "proficient" or "advanced" in both reading and math.
When I lived down there, MSU was Memphis State, but now it's gone and matured/re-brandedUniversity of Memphis. Campus School, AKA the elementary laboratory school for the College of Education at the U of Memphis for more than 100 years, is where I received the majority of my elementary education. I was enrolled there at the start of what would have been the 2nd semester of 2nd grade at a more traditional school; but back then, Campus had mixed grades in "communities", and I stayed for the duration through what was 6th grade elsewhere.

And, looking back, I'm certain that my inclusion in C.L.U.E., or Creative Learning in a Unique Environment, in 3rd grade pretty much explains the me that I am as well as the what I expect from schools that J. attends. C.L.U.E.'s guiding methodology I just saw nicely encapsulated as "teach for thinking".

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