Trivia Convergence: a hero and kid's TV

I covet a book. What else ihs new? But this time there's also some serendipity.

National political figures that continue to feel special today - probably because their force and personality remind me of my mom - are Barbara Jordan and Shirley Chisholm. So I enjoyed hearing the "Tell Me More" episode where I learned of the 40th anniversary expanded edition of Shirley Chisholm's biography Unbought and Unbossed. Another to acquire.

I decided to lookup up one of the show's guests Shona Lynch whose documentary CHISHOLM '72 - Unbought and Unbossed I watched during the Obama-Clinton campaign battle. Obviously, I failed to read Lynch's bio on the film website or I would have been less surprised to learn that she was Shola on Sesame Street; and, yes, I totally recognize her:

    Shola Lynch, at the Muppet Wiki
    Shola Lynch, at IMDb.com

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